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January 27, 2016
IL VOLO – “Powerhouse Trio”
February 26, 2016

These guys started bashing the chords when there were in their teens, and performed for the crowed with energy and lived for live performances.

The group was formed in Norwood , Ontario which is situated in Canada (1997).

The Group Consist of the Following:

Adam Gontier – vocals, guitar
Brad Walst – bass
Neil Sanderson – drums

The group was originally named Groundswell and then years later changed it again to Trio.

The guys in the band was still in high school when they had their first gig and they performed anywhere and everywhere, wherever they got accepted.

Three Days Grace then relocated to Toronto where they met up with producer Gavin Brown, performd for him and then Brown selected what he thought was the best songs.

The band released on the 22nd of July 2003 a song called “I Hate- Everything About You” and became an instant hit on radio stations in Canada.

Below are some facts about Three Days Grace

Formed in 1992

After the release of their band debut album, the singer Adam Gontier have developed and addiction to OxyContin, therefore the band stop touring.

Even though the band have grown up in Canada, most of their fans are not aware that for most of their professional career they have been based in San Diego.

The tattoos on Adam Gontier has significant meanings. If you look across his knuckles he has the letter G-R-A-C-E  tattooed same as the cover of Jeff Buckleys  Grace Album.

Neil Sanderson has loved music since he was a child, and began playing piano, before he started elementary school and grew up obsessed with drums.

Below we have included a video of this great band. Enjoy and tell us what you think?

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