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October 14, 2015
Young Guns Taking over U.K rock scene
October 14, 2015

Below we have everything you need to know about 5SOS(Seconds of Summer) 

These boys first toured with One Direction then making name for themselves in this pop-punk world, here’s the complete 411 on this band:

  • Maybe you have heard about them or maybe you don’t know them at all but we are here to tell the that Five seconds of summer are making it big!
  • These boys are  Australian. They are not form America so you might find their accents adorable.
  • Ladies they’re super young. They are even younger than Justin Bieber and 1D. Frontman Luke Hemmings who is 19, guitarist Michael Clifford is 19, bassist Calum Hood is 19 and their drummer Ashton Irwin is 21.
  • Dont call these boys a boy band, tbhey want to be known as a rock band because they rock!
  • They met each other at school. The  band started in 2011 when Hemmings posted their first cover videos on YouTube…
  • They all have tatoos. Meet your new bad boy obsession ladies.
  • And they all are obsessed with the late 90s,the mid pop punk.

Their First Single: ‘She Looks So Perfect’

Checkout their below video:

Debut album ‘5 Seconds Of Summer‘ launched in July 2014.

First Big Top 40 No.1: ‘She Looks So Perfect’.



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