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Skepta aka Joseph Junior Adenuga was born on the 19th of September 1982, get used to the name because after many years in the Grime scene his career is about to take off in a big way. Skepta is one of the founding members of a genre of music called ‘Grime’, a cross over of a couple of genres that have their roots in African/West Indian English street culture. Grime can typically be described as a rapid breakbeat that features electronic music samples similar to that of garage or jungle. The content of any grime tune worth its salt is about the streets and the dirty and illicit events that occur there and how they affect the people who live in them. Often a depiction of inner city or urban life in England, grime is exactly what it says on the label, dirty. In 2006 after a few years making instrumentals and crafting his emceeing skills, Skepta joined forced with his brother JME to start the Boy Better Know label, an institution of grime that could be considered the source material for all other grime music.

Skepta comes from good old-fashioned Nigerian stock and his parents instilled in him the kind of modesty and appreciation for blessings that you would expect from strict African parentage. His upbringing has played a massive role in the man he has become and has given him an old soul, imbued with: ‘old-school moral teachings in my mind like there’s a 90-year-old Nigerian grandad inside me’.  This has served him very well down the years and made him not only loved but also respected in an industry that can be as fickle as the streets themselves. Skepta got his love of music from his father who, despite being fairly strict, also used to throw house parties until 8am.

All of these qualities that Skepta has had banged into from an early age, loyalty and respect and appreciation, have prepared him well for becoming what is now nothing short of a phenomenon. Grime has hit the world in a big way, and on his latest album ‘Konichiwa,’  Skepta had heavy-hitters like Drake and Pharell produce tracks for him. Drake also has a ‘Boy Better Know’ tattoo just FYI. Skepta has become the face of grime worldwide and is now an ambassador for an entire genre of music that he helped create; things are going well.  So well, in fact, that Skepta sold out a world tour in 48 hours…before he even released an album. Let that sink in a minute.


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